We spend most of our lives living from the outside in. We look externally for what we should value, believe in, look like, and aspire to. Our entire system hinges on what the outside tells us to be. We are conditioned to seek validation, praise, and worthiness from external sources, and we stay in constant motion to distract us from living authentically. So, in an ever-changing world, we are always seeking…not being.

It is by divine design that we experience life altering events that force us to pause long enough to allow everything to settle around us. In the pause, the truth is revealed. Our brokenness, our misalignment, our false identities, our unhealthy attachments…everything that we ignore in life shows up in the pause.

It is in the pause that we are gifted the opportunity to choose how we continue on. For some, facing the truth will never be an option, and they will choose to continue to cope and exist. For others, the truth will never allow them to go back to the way things were.

Choosing to face the truth starts the journey inward. It is the beginning of an unraveling that disconnects you from the external world so that you can discover and reconnect to your deepest truth-your authentic self. Is it scary? Yes. Is it painful? Absolutely. But, it is the preferred option because you know that choosing anything else would be like choosing death instead of life.

Embracing The Pause Worksheet

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet.”