When the earth cracks and life changes in an instant, what do you do? When feelings of uncertainty, gloom, and fear engulf your mind and body, how do you shift? How do you prepare for nothing to be the same?

It’s simple. Go within.

What do you mean, you say? Let me explain. We spend most of our lives living from the outside in. We look externally for what we should value, believe in, look like, aspire to be, etc. Our entire system hinges on what the outside tells us to be. We seek validation, praise, and worthiness from external sources.  So, in an ever-changing world, we are always seeking…not being.

When you build your foundation on the ground of an external world that can crash, break, or fall apart at any moment, you risk losing yourself in an instant. When your identity is enmeshed and entangled in the illusion that society deems “just” and “true,” you will spend your days trying to attain something that is unattainable. In this, you will become more and more disconnected from yourself, your truth, and your light.

So, when life changes in an instant, the only place to go is within.

Journeying inside of yourself is the scariest journey of all. I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s easy or fun. It’s hard. It’s confusing. It hurts. It’s unnerving. It’s unsettling. IT. IS. NOT. EASY. However, it’s the only way to truly experience truth, peace, joy, love, and worthiness.  All the things you seek externally you will find by going inward.

The foundation of your life has to be set in you. The you that came into this world connected to God, connected to an unlimited source of power, connected to the truth. You are born with everything that you need in life…all the tools to thrive. When we get disconnected from our true selves, we start looking outward instead of within. That’s why journeying inward is so frightening…because we have to look to ourselves for the answers, for the love, for the healing. We are forced to look at how we’ve been showing up in our own lives and be accountable for it, and for most of us, that’s the scariest shit that we could ever see.

The only way to prepare yourself for anything that life throws at you, for any crack in the earth, for things to never be the same, is to go within and get so connected to YOU that your foundation is immovable, and nothing can uproot you.

With Love, Ashley Bachelor

“There is no such thing as change without pain, no growth without discomfort.”

~Mark Manson