I recently watched an interview of Fran Drescher, yes Fran Drescher. If you don’t know who she is google, “The Nanny.” It was one of my favorite shows growing up. In the interview, Ms. Drescher discussed her love life. She revealed that she had a “special friend” that she saw twice a month. When pushed about the details of her relationship, she made it clear that she was not in a relationship. She simply spent 2 days a month with a man that was her “special friend.” When asked why she didn’t spend more time with the gentleman, she made it clear that he wasn’t going to be her future husband-that he was just a friend. She was aware of the role that the man played in her life, and she intentionally didn’t place a label or assign any false beliefs of what could be with this particular man. “I have to make space for the man that I want to come into my life,” Ms. Drescher said. When I heard her say that, everything stopped for a moment. “Make space for what you want to come in,” I thought. It made so much sense. She stated that it was one of the principles of feng shui, and you have to make space for what you want to invite in.

Well, I’ll be…

We all want to invite something into our lives. Whether it’s more love, connection, money, peace, ease, or friendships, we all ask for more of something. But, the question is…are we making space to receive it? I know for sure that I haven’t been. I’ve been asking God and the universe for so many things, and I haven’t been making space to receive any of it. I physically have closets, drawers, and cabinets that are stuffed. My garage has tons of shit in it. Papers crowd my desk. It’s a shit show! If my physical environment is running over, think of how much is packed into my mental/emotional spaces! TOO MUCH. I can’t receive anything that I’ve been praying for because I haven’t cleared out any space to receive it.

The energy that we carry and allow in our lives dictates what we receive. When we are full of hate, we block love. When we are full of anger, we block peace. When we are full of sorrow, we block joy. When we give our power away, we block strength. When we are co-dependent, we block freedom. When we hold onto toxic relationships, we block divine connection. That is why when you want to invite something different into your life, you have to take action and make space for what it is that you are inviting in. If you want a soul connection, you can’t be in a relationship with your booty call. If you want to feel more peace, you have to heal that which angers you. Bottom line, you have to make space for the energy that you want to invite in! Most of the time that means letting go of something old in order to make space for the new.

That’s the catcher…letting go.

Our inability to let go is the reason we don’t have any space in our lives. Think about it. Right now, is there an empty shelf in your closet? Ms. Drescher said she has an entire empty side in her closet awaiting her future husband-she’s made space for him. What about your mind…is there any space in there for the new life you’re awaiting? Do you have space for the vision? So often we get stuck in the past, in the mundane, in the comfort of our contentment, or we hoard everything that we’ve ever received, so much so, that we don’t even get to use or enjoy it. What’s the point of having something if you never get to use or enjoy it? Letting go of the things that crowd your mental, physical, and emotional environments is essential if you want to welcome the new.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from Ms. Drescher: you have to make space for what it is that you truly want! You first have to get clear about what you want, and then you have to consciously and actively make space to receive it.

Pattern Worksheet

“Make space in your life for the arrival of what you want.””