It’s a new year, and most of us have set our intentions and goals, made resolutions, and committed to some type of change.  The energy that a new year brings is always beautiful.  For me, it’s the one time of year that everyone has permission to evaluate and take stock of their life.  You’re encouraged to end chapters, find closure, reset, recharge, and focus on the new.  It’s great because there is excitement that surrounds it.  When you think about a new year and the potential for growth and change that it brings, the illusion and fantasy of it all is bound to make you excited!

What I’ve found is that most of us lose sight, quit, or abandon our resolutions very quickly into the new year.  For years, my commitment to change was abandoned by March.  My excuse was always, “Maybe, this is just how I’m supposed to be.  This is just me.”  Now that I reflect on that statement, I realize how flawed it was.  I chose to settle and stay in the same place because I was unwilling to do the continuous work that it takes to create real change.

In our society today, we all want instant gratification.  Everything is available to us in an instant…information, groceries, cars, etc.  There’s never been an easier time to get what we want, and at the same time, that has created a huge barrier for us to make meaningful changes in our lives.  Think about it, when is the last time you committed to some type of change?  If you didn’t see results within a week, did you quit?  If your answer was yes, then you and I are similar.

It took me a very long time to understand that change doesn’t happen in an instant.  I had to hit an all-time emotional low to realize that nothing (my body, my thoughts, my actions) was going to change for me unless I changed, and that change wasn’t going to come fast or easy.  At a time when I was looking for someone to make a commitment to me, I made a commitment to heal myself.  It was a change that I knew I needed.  I didn’t know how long it would take for me to feel differently, and I didn’t care.

As I reflect on the past 8 years, I realize that it has been small, mindful, continuous steps that have brought me to where I am today.  There wasn’t a grand decision or moment that drastically changed me.  If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, I invite you to start somewhere…anywhere…and make a commitment to doing something daily that moves you forward.  You may not see results within a week or a month, but if you take a year full of small steps, then you are sure to move closer to where you want to be.

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“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

~Robin Sharma